Change the fate via therapeutic massage.

I'm not going to tell you the long and unnecessary theory about the nerve impulses in the process of thinking and reasoning. I will specifically point out the reasons for failure and depression. You create Causes  yourself, directing your mind towards negative thoughts that drain your mind and aggravate your health. You get pushed from society and even from your close people because of this negative thoughts.
The practice of elimination the negative thoughts:
First, you need to relax as deeply as possible, and then provoke a negative thoughts, meanwhile observing what kind of muscles are tense. Precisely select those muscles and get them severely straining, then release them to the most relax state with massage. Repeat the exercise several times. Such exercises should be repeated up to 10 times a day. Learn to control your muscles of negative thouts, as soon as thoughts start appearing, you will immediately destroy them, so you take your destiny into your own hands.
1 Nov 2012

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