First step to self realization

Listen to this folklore song

 Row, row, row your boat
Gently by the stream.
 Merrily Merrily Merrily
 Life is but a dream.
 Indeed, this life is just a dream. Ordinary people understand this only in the moment of death, but those who had experienced  the state out of illusion know what I mean.
 Mystic controls sleep, he is called Gudakesh - conqueror over night dreams. Having won over the dreams, he becomes master of his fate, because learning to control the dream makes people learn the skills to control even this dream called life.
 The only way to get to the reins, which manipulate a sleep dreams is a hearing sense, because the key to unlocking the door to the mysterious is the sound, for sound can not be imagined. Of all  sounds, the sound of U is mystical. Its' resonance dispels the fog of illusion.
 How to implement this technique? Contact me if you are ready...

 We often wonder what is this life? the body? what is the mind, the soul? I'll tell you what, the body is the chewing gum, it is initially sweet and pleasant to taste, over time it becomes an unpleasant and you even want to spit it out. The mind is one who is chewing the gum, and the soul enjoys it all.


The Art of living right is to eat right. When someone prepares food with the intention of insult, the food
will bring depressing energy. If a person prepares food in a happy mood, but
uses the wrong ingredients, the food will still irritate, exploit and gradually
wear the body down. We need to harmonize the subtle and gross energy to maintain
youth and health.
Three years ago, when I was 38 years old, I began to feel
very bad and easily tired. I had aching joints. My blood-sugar rose to 300. Also
I had erectile dysfunction. After all of this the family problems started, as
well as stress and depression. I did not want to be dependent on doctors and
decided to get rid of the problem myself. I instinctively came to the
rejuvenation diet and exercise. Since then, I no longer have any of those
problems and I look 10 years younger. Recently my friend had the same problems.
I went to see him in New York and cooked his food, and taught him physical
exercises. After this he felt young and healthy again. The secret to diet and
exercise is in the power of mind and spiritual attitude. Whoever wants to learn
this self healing technique, please email.

Integrity is the beginning and it is the end. Integrity is the attribute of eternity. All of existing approaches integrity, because integrity is perfection. Striving for integrity, the birth and existence of the universe. Nothing is an absolute as integrity but a ultimate consciousness.

  Consciousness is indivisible, since it is completely integrated in nature. We can not devide any thoughts or images.
 Every living being is fully operational only in the certain integrity. When the integrity is violated when certain parts of the whole body is to lose contact with the whole, this body loses its connection with the absolute consciousness.
 Even in cooking, if we use blender, food loses its integrity and it has no rays of absolute consciousness.

Here Holistic approach begins.

27 Jun 2018

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