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DEVELOPMENT of photographic memory. AYBEK Izzatov

Do you remember what you ate for a dinner yesterday? Do you remember the name of your mother? Do you remember how old you are? Can you think, if you do not remember anything? Can you  decide on something  if you can not remember your own needs? Think about it. What is memory? Even thought arises from the memory and vanishes into memory. And even the logic generated by the memory. Impressions born from senses and their objects form a memory, the past ... We hover in a cloud of time from past to future, we soar over the cities and villages, meet and part, hover over the events of our lives and moving forward, we always direct our attention back to the past. Turn the look forward to the future is impossible. Life will be meaningless, we will lose the memory. Memory - the cause of our self-awareness, and memory - the cause of our problems. And how memory works in animals? A little history:
Once upon a time, in ancient Greece was the law: kill the elderly, since there is no benefit from them. Each year, on a certain day the grownup children bring their elderly parents to the central square, the last point of life of poor old people. And a ruthless executioner put the last point on their record of fate.
 The young man entered the room of his aged father. He certainly knew that his days are numbered and ready for a final walk through town to meet with the executioner. The young man was very fond of his father, he recalled how his father had taught him archery, horseback riding, swimming, he remembered how his father fussed, worried, and sometimes cried when his son was ill. And in that moment, he thought, I'd rather die myself than let slay my own father. He took his father into the forest, he built a small hut, left provisions for several days and said I'll come back for you when everything will be over.
At that time there was unrest in the county, a strange monster hunted at night people in the city, many have lost their loved ones. This monster lived in a maze, fearless warriors tried to destroy this monster, but no one returned from the maze. Most often they were lost there, in that the multi-kilometer maze. Then, tired and exhausted, they became a victims of a bloodthirsty monster.
 The commander of troops assembled the hardiest of warriors and declared: We must destroy this monster, one must take as much provisions and water as one can, including for the horses. The young man entered the ranks of the squad, and knowing that this could be his last campaign, he went to his father in the woods to say goodbye. He told his father everything. Then father said, do not worry, son, it's quite simple task, do what I will tell you and safely implement your plan. The son was delighted to the words of his father. His father continued: Take our mare and her breastfed little one when you get to the maze, tie the foal at the entrance, and ride mare. With these words the young warrior went in search of monster. Obedient son has done absolutely everything that his father taught. Brave soldiers for hours were searching in the maze and finally to the end of the day met the monster and killed it. Now the time to return, as expected, no matter how brave and strong they were, find a way back they were not able to. Human memory is not working. Many of them volunteered to be guides, but in vain. Then the young warrior, our hero, remembered the teachings of his father, he went to the commander and said, Behold, this mare will take us to the only exit. Commander was surprised, but did not object. Our hero took another horse, and all followed for a free mare. Mare, without hesitation, took a quick gallop to the exit, where her hungry foal was waiting for her. Commander was pleasantly surprised by creativity of the warrior and raised his salary. Then the young man told the truth and after that an unjust law for old people has been canceled.
What is the mechanism of the memory of the mare? Or was it intuition? Why do other horses could not find a way out? How our memory is different from the memory of this mare?
Like I said, the impressions, born by the senses and their objects form memory. And stronger the impression the vivid and longer it remains in memory. Computer memory is of the same nature as the memory of living beings. Memory cell consists of transistors and capacitors, the latter is a repository of bits, pieces of memory. Overall this is the electrons that are constantly out of the capacitor and through the controller returns to the capacitor, which happens several thousand times per second. The ability to remember does not depend on the amount of memory cells, as in the computer and the brain, it depends on the rate of flow of electrons. Therefore, the more vivid impressions, the more longer storage. To achieve the same perception of the eyes of memory, as the perception of eyes of body (the same principle for hearing), that the highest standard of ability to memorize. I hope you understand why the mare had no problem to find a way back into the maze.
How can we achieve in practice phenomenal photographic memory?
Try closing your eyes and visualize the text. A moment later eyes of memory lose the image and brightness. Now slowly push the eyeballs until you see a bright the light. This light is a source of memory. How to use it in building a strong photographic memory you can learn in book The revelation of the genius
27 Jun 2018

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