How the Universe works

We were deceived about the Universe ...

 I love my  friend, and true friendship happens only in passion for wisdom ...
One day we were sitting  in the courtyard of our house and merely kept silent. I was looking at the sky, watching the clouds, and my friend at this time closed closed his eyes and was carefully watching over his thoughts, but maybe over my ones. Then I had accidentally asked him:
- How really big is the universe ? How can we really measure it? Billions of light years - these words have nothing to say to me.
My friend was sitting as he was sitting and even his eyes did not open. About two minutes passed, or  maybe an hour or two passed, because when you are with dear ones time is flying, and before you say hello it is time to leave. You can not say otherwise, when you are with the ill-wisher and a minute turns into an hour. Familiar feeling? Yes, the time - a mental factor .
 Friend, without opening his eyes, said: Once when I was not there, Vyasa decided to write fifth  veda - Mahabharata. He needed a wise and experienced clerk. There were many candidates, but none could compare with the sons of Shiva: Ganesha and Kartikeya. Both were eager to get a chance to become famous for many centuries, having written such a divine work. Vyasa offered a simple way to choose between the two clerks, he said: He who is the first to go around the whole universe will be my clerk. Kartikeya and Ganesha stood at the starting line and Vyasa announced the start of competition . Kartikeya moment later traveled in the next galaxies, but potbellied Ganesha walked slowly toward his parents ... He made a circle around Shiva and Parvati, and sat modestly at the feet of his mother. After some time, sweating all over, Kartikeya returned from his running cruise around the universe, he was in great surprise when he saw Ganesha. Kartikeya said, Are you still here, Ganesha, it was not worth it to me be in such a hurry.
Vyasa, in turn, also asked in surprise: Ganesha, why did you decide not to participate in the competition.
Ganesh said: I have made a circle around the universe long ago: My parents - Shiva and Parvati are the universe.
So Ganesha won the right for writing the great literary work of the Mahabharata, nobody has been able to exceed the capacity nor the beauty of this brilliant work.
My friend was silent. I thought for a moment and asked: How is practically possible to implement what has made Ganesha?
Finally, my companion's eyes opened and he went on, Before measuring the universe measure yourself, dear. Start with leg ... To measure the whole leg, you must first measure at least half of it, and to measure the half of it, you should measure half the half of it, and to measure its half of the half, you should measure half half half of it, and so on, until you come to infinity that's when you see the infinity of matter ... In the "Revelation" chapter of my book is a complete detailed description of the creation of the universe. Read and enlighten yourself ...
27 Jun 2018

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