Obesity Treatment Medicine Nu

Obesity is still an actual problem.
There are so many theories and assumptions about the causes of obesity.
From our experience in treatment all patients of "medicine nu", we see
constant weight loss and rejuvenation.
How can you explain such a "side effect"?
First, you need to know the real causes of obesity:
as we know, people who gain weight are mostly people who
In the past had ideal digestion, these people rarely
had digestive disorders, they rarely stomachached, and so on.
Another characteristic feature of such people is their
inclination to delicious food, well, it's understandable, because they had
ideal digestion, unfortunately, they abused it.
So what's happening then?
And the following happens: the stomach and intestines
have a certain diameter, which is maintained by smooth
musculature of the digestive tract. This muscular system
provides peristalsis, which pushes the food down.
In one minute the intestine contracts 2-4 times.
But when our lovers of delicious food overload the intestine in abundance
(in the end, sometimes the limit is not felt), then happens the
increasing in the diameter of the intestine. This leads to a greater
capacity of the intestine, well, therefore, all the consequences
: slow peristalsis, delayed food processing
in the intestines, heartburn, constipation, obesity.
Well, medicine nu is the most effective treatment in this
direction. Your peristalsis comes in a normal rhythm,
muscles acquire a normal tone, food is no longer delayed in passing
and processing in intestines.
All this is associated with the restoration of neuromuscular reflexes,
100% metabolism with spices.
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