Samarkand Jew Astrologer

Once, a famous astrologer, a Jew by birth, traveled to Central Asia. The news of his arrival in the big cities often could be heard by the Kings long before his arrival. All important personals and secular groups were eager to аsк disturbing questions about their fate and future of the country also, not stand aside the political issues. Samarkand, the great Palace, King assembles together the strongest community of politics, science and religion. Our astrologer in the spotlight, people address him with respect, ask him their questions and answers are there. Now time for the king dinner, the variety and quality of food, many kinds of wines, fruit, succulent dishes of vegetables and meat, not to mention the smell and exquisite scenery, all this could even play the appetite a man, who has just ate. Every body were about to begin passionately eat delicious gourmet cuisine of Samarkand. The Chief Imam of Samarkand, all of a sudden, turned to an astrologer with a question, dear astrologer, what food is more preferable to you? As a person versed in the mysteries of the universe and the secrets of heavenly beings, you probably have your own particularized diet? Astrologer looked at the Imam with a smile and said, there is no difference, everything on Earth comes from Earth - the planet of love. Light of Sun, lightning up Earth, is transformed into love in our Mother-Earth. Evidence to this unconditional love is this rich table. Anything that's eatable in certain amount is good for us. Visitors satisfied with the answer nodded their heads approvingly, and then got down to a delicious meal. At the end of the trapeza everyone started to leave. But all the same Imam could not resist the temptation to somehow shame astrologer and said, I still have doubts in astrology, because it is a limited proposition of a general nature, and particular details are not in the purview of this pseudo-science. The astrologer was a little surprised by the saying of the Imam, but does not lose his head and said, we can check it, make up any puzzle and  with astrology I will solve it. Imam with intriguing voice said, tomorrow at the Palace will meet all the people and we will know the truth. The next day in the Palace the King lets the Imam to speak. In the hall is silence, all listening attentively. Imam looked around and said, referring to the king, Sir, I want to state for all people, so people are not fond of such an useless thing as astrology, the latter is a pseudo-science and the decoy weapon in the hands of clever tricksters. Imam then turned to an astrologer and said, I put the object under cushion cover of my chair, if you name the object, all that you ask, I'll do. The astrologer did question gesture toward King, he nodded his head approvingly. Astrologer opened his chart and threw stones he said with a smile: Saturn, Ketu, Scorpio ... He went on, It's Saturday, the Lord of the ascendant Saturn ... Moses ... Staff ... You put a stick ... And it is black. Imam petrified with astonishment, astrologer pulled cushion cover open  and everybody saw there a black stick. Imam bowed his head and said, Say your wish, astrologer. Astrologer began to laugh loudly and said, 'Give me your robe. Imam slowly took off his robe and handed it to astrologer, he grabbed a robe and tore it in two, threw it on the floor and began to wipe it on his shoes. This how chief Imam of Samarkand was disgraced . Rumors about the incident spread throughout the neighborhood. And one young man, unable to bear the shame for his nation and religion, he decided to kill the astrologer. He took the book, cut in a place for a knife, carefully put the knife into the void, and went to an astrologer. He entered the house, where atrologer taught his disciples. Astrologer, seeing the young man, abruptly cried out, Who are you? A young man hesitated at first, but then replied, I am a friend and defender of Islam, has come to restore justice. The astrologer said, stay where you are. He pulled out a chart and threw stones, thought for a moment and said: Today is Friday, Venus, and revenge. Continued loudly, Oh, you've come to take revenge for that stupid Imam ... Whisper, Moses, the staff, the staff turned into a snake ... Again out loud, This book is in your hands turns into a knife ... Whisper, Defender of Islam, and even friend ... Omar is friend and defender of Mohamed ... Loud, Your name is Omar. The young man was in shock, he could neither speak nor move. A few minutes later he went to an astrologer, and bowed at his feet and said, be my teacher. And it was the Greatest Omar Khayyam - astrologer, mathematician, philosopher, Sufi master and poet.
27 Jun 2018

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