Self control and awareness


Due to the fact that in our minds imaginably possible  turns into real imaginable, then there is some power of reason that induces a thinking to jump from possible to reality. They call it: actual mind. However, when there is no sense and imagination yet, our mind does not go into actuality, and when they arise, then the forms mingle with their alien accidents, and they are hidden just like things in the dark. Then the reflection of the actual mind falls on the image in the same way as the sunlight falls on the things that are in darkness and imagined abstract forms are imagined in the whole mind just like a reflection of the image by the light in a mirror . They are abstract and common. When we separate from human attributes all extras, it is common what left, and partial disappears. Therefore, the mind  separates the essence from the phenomenon, and it results in subjects and predicates. Each arisen in the mind predicate has a direct relationship with the subject . And all that is mediated is the product of thinking. When the human soul experiences the pure thinking and pure thinkable, beyond the matter, it does not need senses. When the soul separates from the body, it ceases to reflect, and the body is the burden to the soul in the end, despite the fact that at first it helped soul. Just as a rider on horseback, wants to reach some place. Associated with this horse he can not leave it, then the horse is to keep him from achieving the goal, although at first horse had to bring it to his destination.
27 Jun 2018

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