How Medicine Nu works
                       First, thanks for your interest in Medicine Nu!
          Well, and secondly, let us tell you in detail and in simple language,
                                     How it works, how it cures.
In general, in reality, treatment is the process of getting rid of the pathological
factor, which initiated and developed a certain ailment of a living organism.
That is the elimination of the cause of this disease. So, that's what "medicine nu" is all about. We do not try to understand myriads of the subjective effects of disease, we simply remove the pathological culprit. Let's consider an example, we shall take the widespread disease a hypothyroidism Illness or Hashimoto disease, when the cause of the disease is the thyroid itself, since for unknown reasons, the cells of the thyroid gland provoke immune cells form antibodies that affect the thyroid gland. Modern
medicine decided to treat the consequences of this disease, namely, to eliminate antibodies and calm the immune system with medicines. And that the patients feel
better, give them hormone replacement, so-call restoring the function of the thyroid
glands. But unfortunately such treatment does not satisfy many patients at all.
Medicine nu, in this case, and perhaps in all cases, eliminates the cause of the disease.
When the thyroid gland functioned normally, it's cells had
natural status, and the immune system did not have any claims to them. And when
Thyroid cells have developed into a status that does not conform to the norms of their own the immune system began to get rid of this gland. The key moment
in this touching story is the fact of changing the status of a functioning cell.
The thing is that the cells live a certain time, then they either divide via mitosis into
new cells, or die out. Some cells in the process of division get poor quality.
The unnatural status cause the immune system reaction. And if these cells are not replaced by stem cells into normal single-layered cuboidal epithelial folliculocytes, then Hashimoto's disease develops. But if the number of stem cells in the body and in the thyroid gland is appropriate, then abnormal cells are replaced by normal cells and the person continues to live fully.
Medicine nu, as you guessed, supports the appropriate number of stem cells.
How? Well, many years of observation and analysis showed persistent rejuvenation
and increased physical and mental endurance when using this method. That is obviously thank to stem cells.

Let us take a common disease, psoriasis. Currently, it is considered to be the
autoimmune processes of the development of this disease. For some strange reason, the skin cells quickly divide and multiply in quantity of macrophages, lymphocytes, keratinocytes. Also new small capillaries are formed. Obviously, something provoked this reaction.
By the principle of medicine nu, all autoimmune processes are generated in the same way, as we described in the hypothyroidism of Hashimoto.
As in any functioning organ, numerous processes take place in the skin.
Cells must comply with natural standards, and of course, when there is
standards, there comes a time of violations and deviations from the standards. And at this time should start a system for replacing non-standard-pathological cells, that is, the pools of Stem cells take over all cells with abnormalities. When the body is young
and healthy, this system works in perfection. But when, due to aging or
sudden changes in the homeostasis of the body under the influence of stress, or age
hormonal reorganization, the system of replacement of pathological cells is not capable to be initiated.
So, as you understand, the principle of treating with Medicine Nu is to restore the number of stem cells in the body.
In fact, if we take any chronic disease, analyzing, we will see an autoimmune trail. Such diseases include chronic gastritis, ulcers of the intestinal tract, diabetes, nephritis, arthritis, dermatitis, alopecia, vitiligo and many others.

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