Can we be connected with next world?


 Relationship of the human soul with the spiritual world and the souls of angels takes place due to several reasons: the first reason - when the soul is very strong (not dispersed, concentrated on itself), so always enthralling sense organs can not keep it from its' actions, just like talented people can simultaneously talk and listen and write. Such a soul can see in reality what they see in their sleep. The second reason of the connection of the human soul with the spirit world - thanks to the power of reasoning, which is its' weapon in this case and the mean can reach from down point to up and helps the soul to reach higher plane. The third reason -  neglecting of perceiving  of the external phenomenon with the prevalence of certain chemicals in the body (skatole, indole, etc.) and dry constitution. Then the desire of the soul to reason is more than the sensations of this world. Sometimes they say: the soul is not distracted by a perceiving stimulus and paid little attention to the outside world, and operates within. The fourth reason - in a dream, when the soul leaves the senses.
27 Jun 2018

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