Immortality is real?


Immortality. Sounds great. It was once believed that immortality - unattainable dream of mortals, but now in times of high technology, the human ego is growing enormously, giving rise to a bold ideas, challenging even death. Many scientists are trying to find methods and drugs for rejuvenation and maintenance of a human beings relatively young forever, in other words, looking for immortality. Some of them are trying to find a way through a permanent retention of the balance of hormones that stimulates continuous cell division, some are seeking ways in the plastic and genetic engineering, and some try to find a certain mental attitude, do not forget about diet and physical fitness. But what is the most serious approach to this project. Alexis Carrel once did absolutely not perfect statement, based on dubious experiments with cells,that the cells are immortal because they can divide indefinitely. Hayflick quickly put Carrel in place, proving that human cells divide about 60 times, followed by an apoptosis - end of divisions and death. According to his theory: the depletion of certain regions of DNA (telomeres), leads to an inability to mitosis. By the way, these telomeres are not codes of proteins, what suggests that they are codes of death. Another fact that cancer cells: infinitely divisible, truly immortal cells. The secret of immortality of cancer cells is in the enzyme telomerase, the DNA of cancer cells induces the mechanism of this enzyme. The problem with these cancer cells is that they very quickly begin to divide, it's like an explosion in slow motion, the chain reaction. Returning to the immortality, from of the above, we can assume that, in theory the possibility of immortality - not quite so unattainable dream. Moreover telomerase activity ( it is a principle of immortality ) occurs in stem cells, which are always present in the tissues of the body, and if as a child the proportion of 1 - to 10-20 thousands of simple cells, then in 50 years of life, this proportion is 1stem cell  to several million of simple cells. Restless scientists found the substance in meat extracts, Carnosine, which is able to remove harmful substances from the body, as well as extend the number of cell divisions in the 1.5 - 2 times. All this leads us to the optimistic thoughts of immortality.
And now a real look at it all.
We have to understand, unfortunately, the main cells in the body do not divide and are not subject for Heyfliks limit: the cells of the nervous system and many muscles. We can not change the brains every one hundred years. The brain - what is important. Protect your brain, my friends. How to find immortality, I have mentioned it in my posts ....
(The soul has also another force necessary for the improvement of its substance, reasoning. This is reasoning of mind beyond senses or we can name it intuition. It is like a diamond, noble and out of it comes a sacred force which ignites and shines without contact with the fire. It is vital at the time of disappearance of material mind ...)
Thank you for your attention.
27 Jun 2018

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